Pompeii I.14 Project

The Pompeii I.14 Project is an international collaboration led by Tulane University and the Parco Archeologico di Pompei, and including Oxford University and the Geospatial and Virtual Archaeology Laboratory and Studio (GVALS) of Indiana State University. By combining the highest standard in stratigraphic excavation with innovative technologies, we seek to illuminate the margins of Roman cities—not only their physical edges and the distinct cultural and economic activities they attracted, but also the lives of residents marginalized both in antiquity and in modern scholarship. 


Subsurface excavation takes us into the many phases of Pompeii's urban history.


Advanced technologies offer us new ways to  record, interpret, and understand the past. 


Our team includes student excavators who learn all aspects of fieldwork.


Living in the heart of modern Pompei builds our community across cultures. 


Contact project director Allison L.C. Emmerson at aemmerso@tulane.edu

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Photographs courtesy Tony Campbell, Tracy Ford, Pompeii I.14 Project