Our team is dedicated to fostering inclusivity at all levels of archaeology

Allison L.C. Emmerson

Tulane University


Caroline Cheung

Princeton University

Head of Ceramics

Catherine Baker

Mount Holyoke College

Head of Finds

Sophie Hay

Parco Archeologico di Pompei

Head of Architecture

Indiana State University

Head of Digital Data Initiatives

Gretchen E.  Zoeller

University of Pittsburgh

Digital Data Initiatives Supervisor

Steven Aldrich

Indiana State University

Digital Data Initiatives Specialist

Mark Robinson

Oxford University

Head of Environmental Archaeology

Victoria Moses

Harvard University


Jennifer Robinson


Finds Assistant

Chiara Battisti

Princeton University

Ceramics Specialist

Tara Wells

Duke University

Ceramics Specialist

Serena Crosson

Stanford University

Wall Painting Specialist

Jordan Rogers

Carleton College

Excavation Supervisor

Mary-Evelyn Farrior

Columbia University

Excavation Supervisor

Gabriel Higgs


Excavation Supervisor

giuseppe di martino

Chief Consultant

Pasquale Longobardi

Surveyor and Safety Officer

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