Friends and Supporters

Our work is made possible through the generous financial support of private donors. If you are interested in making a gift or learning more about how you can support the project, please contact the Director, Prof. Allison Emmerson ( 

2023 Funders

Loeb Classical Library Foundation

The Ernest Henry Riedel Fund in Classical Studies, Tulane University

2022 Funders

Mellon Assistant Professor Grant, Tulane University

Lavin Bernick Faculty Research Grant, Tulane University

COR Research Fellowship, Tulane University

School of Liberal Arts Faculty Fellowship, Tulane University

The Ernest Henry Riedel Fund in Classical Studies, Tulane University

Field Team, 2023

Prof.ssa Allison Emmerson (Director)

Dott. Giuseppe Scarpati (Archaeological Officer, Parco Archeologico di Pompei)

Dott. Pasquale Longobardi (Security and Safety Officer)

Dott. Giuseppe di Martino (Chief Consultant)


Material Culture

Prof.ssa Caroline Cheung (Head of Ceramics)

Dott.ssa Chiara Battisti (Ceramics Specialist)

Dott.ssa Tara Wells (Ceramics Specialist)

Prof.ssa Catherine Baker (Head of Finds)

Dott.ssa Jennifer Robinson (Finds Assistant)



Dott.ssa Sophie Hay (Head of Architecture)

Dott.ssa Serena Crosson (Wall Painting Specialist)


Digital Data Initiatives

Prof. Alex Elvis Badillo (Head of Digital Data Initiatives)

Dott.ssa Gretchen Zoeller (Digital Data Initiatives Supervisor)

Dott. Cade O’Fallon (Digital Data Assistant)

Dott.ssa Kortnee Bell (Digital Data Assistant)

Dott.ssa Carlotta Levati (Digital Data Assistant)


Environmental Archaeology

Prof. Mark Robinson (Head of Environmental Archaeology)

Dott.ssa Victoria Moses (Zooarchaeologist)

Dott.ssa Vanessa Robinson (Environmental Archaeology Assistant)

Dott.ssa Georgina Izzard (Environmental Archaeology Assistant)


Excavation Team

Dott.ssa Mary-Evelyn Farrior (Excavation Supervisor)

Dott. Gabriel Higgs (Excavation Supervisor)

Prof. Jordan Rogers (Excavation Supervisor)


Student Excavators

Grant Bruner (Assistant Supervisor)

Alanna Davis

Grace DiNapoli

Noah Kreike-Martin (Assistant Supervisor)

Lydie Leurquin

Laura Malagrino

Skylar Morgan

Ana Maria Nunez

Hannah Redlin

Ali Schwartz

Katy Spears

William Vernon

Samantha Zimmerman (Assistant Supervisor) 

Field Team, 2022

Director: Allison Emmerson

Archaeological Officer, Parco Archeologico di Pompei: Giuseppe Scarpati

Security and Safety Officer: Pasquale Longobardi

Chief Consultant: Giuseppe di Martino 


Material Culture

Head of Ceramics: Caroline Cheung (Princeton University)

Head of Finds: Catherine Baker (Bryn Mawr College)

Head of Environmental Archaeology: Mark Robinson (Oxford University)

Finds Assistant: Jennifer Robinson (Independent Scholar)

Finds Assistant: Vanessa Robinson (Independent Scholar)

Zooarchaeologist: Victoria Moses (University of Arizona)


Architecture and Engineering

Head of Architecture: Sophie Hay (Independent Scholar)


Digital Data Initiatives

Co-Head of Digital Data Initiatives: Alex Badillo (Indiana State University)

Co-Head of Digital Data Initiatives: Matthew Brennan (Indiana University)

Digital Data Initiatives team: Steven Aldrich (Indiana State University)

Digital Data Assistant: Aaron Estes (Indiana State University)


Excavation Supervisors

Mary-Evelyn Farrior (Columbia University)

Jordan Rogers (Carleton College)


Student Excavators

Grant Bruner (Princeton University)

Madeline Dacre (Tulane University)

Lucy Derrick (Oxford University)

Maya Ervin (Tulane University)

Annabelle Harris (Tulane University)

Jess Hughes (Oxford University)

Sarah Kenton (Tulane University)

Noah Kreike-Martin (Princeton University)

Keira Kurtz (Tulane University)

Sidra Michaels (Carleton College)

Grace Olwell (Tulane University)

Hope Perry (Princeton University)

Evie Raja (Oxford University)

Rose Scott (Tulane University)

Rael Tiemann (Tulane University)

Sam Zimmerman (Carleton College)